With Practitioner Susie Croaker

Your B.E.S.T. treatment will involve the practitioner making light contact with certain key pressure points, in sequence, with positive energy to help remove interference and allow your body to reset to today’s needs instead of functioning from past memories.

It is not necessary to disclose, discuss, relive or have conscious awareness of your issue or concern. Though it may be necessary to hold the thought or issue in your mind for it to be cleared.

Your body decides what the healing priority is and does this in priority order.
You are encouraged to come for subsequent treatments until you feel you have obtained the positive changes you were seeking. 2 to 4 treatments can often get the changes that you desire. It is recommended that when we get your body balanced that you keep it on track with regular balances every 4 to 6 weeks. Strategies to help keep yourself in balance are offered.

Your body is self-healing and self-regulating when balanced.

Your initial consultation will take a little over the hour and subsequent treatments will be shorter depending on your body’s needs.

A BEST healthcare plan is outlined to assist you in your goal to wellness by guiding you in
  • Making better choices in the 6 essentials, which are what we eat, drink, breath, exercise, rest and think, so that you can balance your body yourself to avoid disease.
  • Understand your pH balance and how this affects your potential for Health.
  • Learn the steps of forgiveness and understand how this affects your life and health.
  • Help to deal with negative experiences from the past, and health issues like emotional distress, recurring thoughts, recovery from illness or disease, pain or discomfort.