With Practitioner Susie Croaker

"I came to see Susie with pain in my legs and lower back. I now have no pain, just a soreness where the pain was at times.  B.E.S.T. treatments relieved most of my pain to make a back massage, also what Susie offers, much more comfortable.  It is the BEST thing to have no pain, feel better and more relaxed."
- D.H
"My shoulder was really bad following a fall with lots of pain and limited movement for about five months. I couldn’t even comb my hair with that arm.  I had massages and got a needle in the shoulder but these didn’t work for me.  I was really worried, as I live alone and need to do everything myself. After a few B.E.S.T. treatments the pain went away and I now have full movement and no pain."
- M.F.
"I had incredible nerve pain on the entire left side of my body, also tingles in the fingers of both my hands.  I have lower back pain resulting from bulging discs as well.  After several B.E.S.T. treatments I have no nerve pain in the left side of my body and no tingling in my fingers now.  My back can be relieved through B.E.S.T. with ongoing treatments."
- P.T.
"I had been suffering from a very, very painful right leg hamstring, also back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. I was willing to give anything to ease my pain.  I am very, very pleased with my B.E.S.T. treatments and the results so far. Initially, I had more movement in my leg and the pain in my shoulders and neck went. After my third treatment my back was much better and I could lift my foot off the floor which I had not been able to do.  I could stand up straighter and I could move my right foot up/down and keep it up for a length of time, which was so exciting.

I continued with B.E.S.T. treatments and now my whole body feels different and I have no pain."

- H.F.
"After suffering from insomnia for many many years BEST Therapy has helped me get a good night’s sleep.  Thank you so much, D.K."
- D.K.
"After about 4 or 5 treatments my ankle and leg swelling has gone down enough for me to wear normal shoes, something I haven’t been able to do for three years"
- H.F.